NYC Pride!

Group chats & phone

Good to know

Picture it: New York City, 1969.

Let's all celebrate Pride the way NYC does best: A liquid picnic where we mingle, drink, dance, and have a great time!

  • Bring a friendly personality

  • A cheap bottle of alcohol to share (if you drink), there are bottles under $13

  • Your food if you want to eat before drinking

Want your favorite songs to play at the picnic? add them on the collaborative Spotify playlist!

NYC Pride Spotify Playlist

      • If can: Bring a portable speaker in case other ones runs out of battery so we can have unlimited music.

NOTICE: Everyone should be respected as an individual, if a person becomes harassing to others, they would be asked to leave the event. I want everyone to feel safe and have a great time during the events.

During the Day

People are eating, dancing, celebrating, mingling, and just having a great time! It is Pride so there is a lot of things to celebrate!

At night

Its an outdoor club! with different kind of music people-made stations and people drinking and dancing!

Date & Time

Date: Sunday June 26, 2022

Start time: 3:00PM / 15:00 (anyone can come at any time as people will be coming later time than that.)


It will be at Washington Square Park.

Washington Square, New York, NY 10012 (Google Maps)

Washington Square, New York, NY 10012 (Apple Maps)

I'm not sure if will get the same spot so once I arrive I will send the location on the group chat. If anyone arrives before me and finds a great spot we can setup there! (Close to the Arc)

I will think of a sign or something to put up as last year it was packed!

How to reach me

Click on the WhatsApp, Telegram and you will get directed to the group chat or the phone tap and you will be able to call me (you can use the phone number to text as well).

I use WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, WeChat with the number +1 212 603 9495

If you do not have data in the U.S., you can get free wifi at subway/metro stations, the LinkNY kiosks around Manhattan's streets, fast food restaurants, cafe, etc.

Did we get along?

In case we didn't have a chance to exchange social media, below you can find mine and If you use Couchsurfing, please leave a reference and I will too! Gracias!

See you at Pride!

- Charley